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Floating Shelves, Alcove Shelves, Corner Shelves & Wall Shelves.

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Wooden Shelves

Any shape, any size, any style - Our made-to-measure service means that you only pay for the wood you actually need. We also provide a completely free bespoke design service. You can request radius or angle corners, any edging design, cable holes and cutouts all for NO additional charges. We can also cut out segments to accommodate walls or beams. If you think you need something out of the ordinary please contact us or email your plan to

Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves are available from 300mm to 2.2metres (1ft to 8ft) in length and 150mm to 300mm (6inches to 12inches) in width. Floating Shelves must be fitted to a solid stone, brick or breezeblock wall. Floating shelves can be fitted to a timber stud wall but you must let us know where you need the holes for the supporting brackets to be drilled. Please see our Floating Shelf fitting instructions for full details.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves can be mounted to any wall (including plasterboard and dot and dab) using chrome or wooden supporting brackets. If you opt for the wooden brackets, these will be produced for you from the exact same timber as your shelf. Please see our Wall Shelf Fitting Instructions for full details.

Alcove Shelves

Alcove shelves up to 250mm wide (10inches) can be supported using the same concealed brackets that provide the floating effect to our floating shelves or you may prefer to use our supporting battens. All alcove shelves 250mm to 500mm (10inches to 19inches) in width are supported using three supporting battens (one to the rear edge and two to the sides). These battens are produced using the exact same timber as your shelves and are elegantly discreet yet provide the maximum in support for your shelves. Please visit our Alcove Shelf fitting instructions for full details.

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are available from 20x20cm to 50x50cm. These shelves are available in a range of styles and are supported using two discreet battens that attach to the wall for your shelf to sit on. Please visit our Corner Shelf Fitting Instructions for full details.

About our shelves

Our shelves are the real deal. All our shelves are crafted from full-length, solid, FSC timbers. They are not constructed using small off-cuts, wood 'effect', laminated, or MDF covered in a thin wood veneer. Nor is the wood 'Rustic' or 'B Grade' - Just pure, full-lengths of the highest grade solid hardwoods available on the market.
We have produced many differing styles over the years, from the popular stand-alone floating wall shelf to far more complex designs incorporating rebates for chimney breasts & wood burners, corner shelving, oversized alcoves, exhibition displays and retail display shelving. Please visit our shelves image gallery and the customer testimonials pages to see examples of our work and read personal reviews from our previous customers.

Floating Shelf Company Prices

You probably can find cheaper, but we are confident that you won't find better quality solid wood shelves at these prices. As well as the finest quality hardwoods, all of our shelf prices include bespoke design, pre-oiling or waxing & supporting brackets and are despatched ready for easy installation. All our advertised prices also include VAT, so no surprises when you reach the checkout! - With the Floating Shelf Company there are absolutely NO hidden extras.

Information and enquiries

Our website and online store is very easy to navigate and contains a wealth of information including our useful Fitting Instructions and Bespoke Services, as well as further information about our delivery details and our selected timbers. However, if you require further information or have any additional questions, please email us at or call us on 0800 772 0275. These calls are completely free when using a BT landline.