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Walnut Alcove Shelves

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Alcove shelves look stunning in any recess or alcove, particularly either side of a fireplace. Our shelves are made to your precise measurements and requirements and this is particularly important for alcove shelves as most recesses and walls are not 100% straight. We have a wealth of information available for measuring your recess and fitting your shelves. Please visit our Alcove Shelf Fitting Instructions page for full information.

Walnut Alcove Shelves are a chunky 44mm thick and are available made-to-measure to any length up to 2.2 metres (7ft) and widths up to 450mm (18inches). The usual bespoke design options are available and our exclusive ‘Designer Shelf’ edging options are also proving very popular for the Alcove shelves range.

Alcove shelves are supplied with three strong supporting battens (included in the price but not shown in picture). The battens are made using the same hardwood timber as your shelf. Including, one long batten for the rear of the shelf and two for the side supports. These sturdy but discreet battens simply fix to the wall for the alcove shelf to sit on.
If your alcove shelves are under 300mm in width and you prefer the floating effect then please order Walnut Floating Shelves instead, not Alcove shelves.

*Please Note – We do not pre-drill the screw holes for the battens as standard but can do if you request it. Simply inform us where you need the holes positioning (ensuring the holes will avoid any electrical cables/pipes etc.) and we will do this for you.

The supporting battens are supplied in the same protective finish as your shelf as standard. If you would prefer for them to be supplied to you unfinished, to paint the same colour as your wall, please adivse us and we will send them to you ready to paint.

You can either place your order via our online store or call one of our customer advisors. If you require any advice or guidance with your Alcove Shelf order please don’t hesitate to email us or call us on 0800 772 0275.

Free Bespoke Services

We offer a completely free bespoke design service so that you can design your shelves precisely to your tastes. We can style the corners and edging, and add cable-holes or cutouts to fit around fireplaces, walls or wooden beams – just let us know what you need by completing the Special Requirements box on ordering.


We can round the corners of your shelves. Radius corners can be applied from 20mm to 100mm in size. Alternatively, we can apply a straight cut to the corners. These clip cuts can be angled to your specification. Obviously we can apply the corner designs to either corner or both depending on your needs.


We also offer a range of edging profiles: A small ‘pencil’ rounded edge, a larger rounded edge, bullnose or chamfered. If you require edging please remember to let us know which of the three sides you would like it edged (front, left & right).

Shelving Corners available diagram

Cable Holes

If you desire, we can also position holes within the shelf to allow you to run cables through. Again, please let us know where you would like the holes positioned and the size you require. Some people just want to run the cable through, while others need to be able to fit the whole plug.

Cut Outs

You may require some form of cut-out to fit the shelf around a corner, fireplace, wooden beam or other feature. This is no problem for us, we are happy to help. This is all part of the free bespoke service we offer you.

Our shelves are cut to your requirements free

Bracket Postions

All Floating shelves are pre-drilled to accept the concealed mounting brackets. As standard, we centre these holes 100mm from either end of the shelf (for shelves over 1.2 metres we will add an additional hole/bracket in the centre of the shelf. However, if you would like us to reposition the holes to avoid water pipes, electric cables or other obstacles please let us know and we will position them perfectly for your needs.

When placing your order, please remember to include the details of your bespoke needs in the ‘requirements box’ before checkout, or your shelves will be supplied square-edged.

If you require any design outside of these usual bespoke services, or have any questions at all please email us your plan or call us.

Fitting Instructions

How to Fit Alcove Shelves

Shelf Installation Tools

Tools you will need

  1. Spirit level
  2. Drill
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Pencil

*Please Note – All Alcove shelves are supplied with supporting battens, NOT concealed brackets (see computer generated image at bottom of page). If your Alcove shelf is under 300mm in width and you want the ‘Floating effect’ then please order Floating Shelves instead.

Step One – Safety (very important)

Use a wire/pipe power detector to ensure that there are no electrical cables or water pipes where you intend to position the shelf. You do not want to electrocute yourself or flood the house.

Step Two – Vertical positioning of your shelves

Use a tape measure or your spirit-level to mark the vertical positions for each of your alcove shelves with a pencil. Your mark should be for the top of the batten/bottom of the shelf.

You may want your shelves evenly spaced or not depending on what you are intending to store on them. Our only advice would be to try and keep the height of the shelves balanced on each side of the fireplaces/pillars if you are installing in two or more alcoves. It provides the best visual effect.

Step Three – Horizontal positioning of your shelves

Use a spirit-level and pencil to mark the horizontal position for each of your shelves. Remember that these lines will indicate the top of the supporting battens and bottom edges of the shelf.

Step Four – Drill holes into battens

Use a wood bit to drill screw holes no more than 300mm apart through each batten.
Use the supplied timber battens only.

Step Five – Mount the battens to the wall

Position the first rear batten on the wall, with the top edge underneath the horizontal mark line. Use a masonry bit to drill slightly through your pre-drilled screw holes (keeping the batten perfectly level at all times). Once all holes have been slightly drilled remove the batten.

Use a masonry drill bit to drill your holes and insert rawl plugs into each of the holes.

Position the batten back in place and use a screwdriver and countersunk screws to attach the batten to the wall.

Position the first side batten, ensuring that it is level with the rear one and is level with the pre-drawn horizontal line. Attach to the wall in the same manner as the rear batten and then repeat the operation for the other side batten.

Repeat this entire operation for each of your shelves.

Safety – Ensure you use long sturdy screws and applicable rawl plugs. These will be taking all the weight of your shelf and its items.

Step Six – Finishing the battens

Your battens will be supplied sanded and finished to the same standard as your shelves. However, some customers do prefer to paint them the same colour as the wall to make them more discreet.

If you intend to do this, please lightly sand before applying the paint. Also, if you have used countersunk screws as suggested, cover the heads of the screws with wood filler first and leave enough time for this to dry and then sand away any excess.

Then apply one or two coats of base coat and finish with an emulsion or gloss that matches your wall coloring.

Step Seven – Fix the shelves

Slide the shelves on top of the battens so that they sit perfectly. Your shelves should be perfectly sturdy, but if you are worried about the possibility of them sliding on and off the battens then you can fix small screws from the underside of the shelves, through the shelf and into the battens.

Visible undermounted Batten Supports for Alcove Shelves.

how to fit alcove shelves

Designer Edging

Our latest range of Designer Shelves are created exclusively by The Floating Shelf Company. Designer shelves are available in any of the four traditional hardwoods with the option of adding a one or two stripe contrasting timber design to the front edge of the shelf. The finished effect is striking and makes a real contemporary design statement.

Designer shelf stripe edging exclusively available from the floating shelf co

Simply order the shelf of your choice and then add the designer edging option to your order using the dropdown menu provided. Adding one contrasting timber stripe is £10, irrespective on the length of the shelf. The two stripe option is only £15 per shelf.

The designer option is available for all Floating, Wall & Alcove shelves, and window sills, to the Front Edge only. Therefore the designer option is not available for corner shelves or shelves with radius or clipped corners, and cannot be applied to the sides of the shelves.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 772 0275 or email us

About Our Shelves

All our Shelves are produced from the highest quality Hardwoods. Our shelves are 100% solid hardwood – not laminated or veneered.

We can produce your shelves to virtually any design. If you need anything slightly different from what you see on this website, please contact us and we will try our hardest to accommodate you.

Your shelves are completely made from scratch exclusively for you in our workshop in Hertfordshire. Kiln-Dried planks are sawn, planed and sanded to a smooth 240grit finish.

We also offer a popular bespoke service completely free of charge. So if you would like straight cut or radius corners, a rounded or chamfered edging applied or need holes cutting to allow access for cables we can produce it for you. Simply call us or email your plan.

Finally, we will coat the shelves with 3 layers of the highest quality protective oil, wax or stain of your choice. If you wish to paint or varnish your shelves instead, please let us know and we will supply them to you unfinished.

All Floating shelves are pre-drilled to accept the concealed mounting brackets. As standard, we centre these holes 60-100mm from either end of the shelf (depending on the shelf size). However, if you would like us to reposition the holes to avoid water pipes, electric cables or other obstacles please let us know and we will position them perfectly for your needs,

Please be advised that our floating shelves are only suitable for mounting on exterior or stone interior walls. Or plasterboard stud walls – where the studs or noggins can be located and the fixing brackets are screwed directly into the wood. Again, we will happily position the holes so that you can mount your shelf to a stud wall.

Our Wall shelves with supporting wooden, or chrome, brackets are an ideal solution for shelves that will be mounted on a plasterboard or dot and dab wall.

Remember – we do not sell inferior ‘wood effect’ veneers, laminate, MDF or finger-jointed shelves. All of our products are the real deal – pure solid hardwood, made to perfection.

6 reviews for Walnut Alcove Shelves

  1. Glyn Davies

    Very, very pleased with my floating shelves. Followed your fitting instructions and found the shelves easy to erect. They fit perfectly into the alcove, just as I had visualized before I placed my order. I’ve had lots of comments about them, which sounds a bit weird for shelves but they really do look amazing.

  2. Chrissie Richardson

    Great! Really pleased with our shelves, they are gorgeous. Glad we finally chose the Walnut too, they compliment the whole room.

  3. Nicki Wallis-Parkinson

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much.

  4. Peter Spiers

    A company that answers the phone, returns your messages, answers all your questions, bends over backwards to accommodate your mad requests and then actually delivers precisely what you ordered on the day they said they would. And then they arrive and exceed all expectations on appearance and quality. This is how you satisfy your customers. Great stuff!

  5. Tom Green

    I bought eight walnut alcove shelves for either side of my fireplace. It was a big job and cost a small fortune but they are worth every single penny. Seriously, the quality of the timber and the attention to detail in the crafting is obvious. They were simple to fit and hold all my heavy books and knick-knacks effortlessly.

  6. David Sorenson

    After getting my fingers burned with a different company (shockingly awful quality!) I was delighted to receive my shelves from TFSC. “You get what you pay for” is an old adage but in this internet age of race to the bottom it is more true today than ever before. If top quality is important to you, these are the people to buy from.

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