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Alcove Shelves

Alcove shelves look stunning in any recess or alcove, particularly either side of a fireplace. Our shelves are made to your precise measurements and requirements and this is particularly important for alcove shelves as most recesses and walls are not 100% straight. We have a wealth of information available for measuring your recess and fitting your shelves. Please read our Alcove Shelf Fitting Instructions on any alcove shelf product for full information.

Our Alcove Shelves are 44mm thick and available made-to-measure to any length up to 2.4 metres and widths up to 600mm in any of our three hardwoods – Oak, Walnut and Ash. All of our optional bespoke design options for edging and corners are also available completely free of charge.

Alcove shelves are supplied with strong supporting battens (included in the price, see image below). Made from the same hardwood timber as your shelf – Alcove shelves 200-600mm come with two side supporting battens. Alcove shelves 600mm+ in length have one long batten for the rear of the shelf and two for the side supports. These sturdy but discreet battens simply fix to the wall for the alcove shelf to sit on. We do not pre-drill the screw holes for the battens as standard but can do if you request it. Simply inform us where you need the holes positioning (to avoid electrical cables / pipes etc.) and we will do this for you.

The supporting battens are supplied in the same protective finish as your shelf as standard. If you would prefer for them to be supplied to you unfinished, to paint the same colour as your wall, please adivse us and we will send them to you ready to paint.

Computer generated image demonstrating supporting battens for Alcove Shelves 600mm+ in length. Shorter Alcove Shelves (200-600mm in length) only require the two side supports.

Alcove Brackets

Oak Alcove Shelves

Oak shelves are constructed from  solid Oak kiln-dried timber full-length planks. Oak is a timeless wood and the sturdiest of all timbers. The golden brown colouring and rich character of the wood grain make Oak the most popular choice.

Walnut Alcove Shelves

Walnut shelves are constructed from full length solid Black Walnut timber planks. Walnut is a beautifully dark ‘chocolate-coloured’ wood with rich tight-grained markings. Walnut shelves offer a stunning contrast to light rooms.

Ash Alcove Shelves

Ash shelves are constructed from full length solid Ash timber planks. The interesting grain and hard-wearing nature of Ash wood make it a very popular choice. The colour of the wood ranges from creamy white through to light brown, with a very attractive patterned grain.

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