Free Bespoke Services

We offer a completely free bespoke design service so that you can order shelves that are to your taste and meet your precise needs.

For example, we can style the corners and edging, or add cable holes or cut-outs to fit around fireplaces, walls or wooden beams. To take advantage of our free bespoke services, simply let us know what you need by completing the ‘special requirements’ box when ordering online, or by telling us directly when ordering over the phone.

If you require a design outside of these usual bespoke services or have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch.

Finishing Oils, Waxes & Stains

Our hardwood shelves can be supplied unfinished, or with a protective finish of your choice. This service is completely free of charge. The most common choices are either clear beeswax (for a naturally light finish) or Danish Oil (for a mellow golden brown finish).

Oak shelves also have the additional options of either medium or dark stained wax, for customers who wish to colour match with existing furniture or flooring.

Please note, all timber shelves will require top-up coats of oil (approximately every 9-18 months). We, therefore, recommend purchasing a small 500ml tin of your chosen oil for future use.


We can round the corners of your shelves. Radius corners can be applied from 20mm to 100mm in size. Alternatively, we can apply a straight cut to the corners. These clip cuts can be angled to your specification. We can apply the corner designs to either corner or both, depending on your needs.


We offer a range of edging profiles: a small ‘pencil’ rounded edge, a larger rounded edge, bullnose or chamfered. If you require edging, please let us know when ordering which of the three sides you would like edged (front, left and right).

Cable Holes

We can position holes within the shelf to allow you to run cables through it. Please let us know where you would like the holes positioned and the size you require when ordering. In some instances, only a single cable needs to run through the shelf, while in other instances, the space to fit a whole plug is required.


You may require some form of cut-out to fit your shelf around a corner, fireplace, wooden beam or other feature. This is all part of our free bespoke service, simply let us know your specific requirements when you place your order.

Bracket Positions

All our floating shelves are pre-drilled to accept the concealed mounting brackets. As standard, we centre these holes 100mm from either end of the shelf (for shelves over 1.2 metres, we will add an additional hole/bracket in the centre of the shelf). However, if you would like us to reposition the holes to avoid water pipes, electric cables or other obstacles, please let us know and we will position them to meet your exact needs.

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