Fitting Instructions

How to Fit Floating Shelves

Floating shelves should be mounted onto exterior walls or interior stone and breezeblock walls. They can only be mounted to partition walls if you can locate the timber studs or noggins behind the plasterboard. The supporting brackets must have something solid to screw into. For partition walls, we can position the holes into the shelf accordingly for you – simply let us know where you need them. Please call us for any advice, but if you cannot locate the studs or noggins, we advise using our timber or chrome brackets as an alternative. Please see our wall shelves for these alternative fixings for plasterboard walls.

The concealed fixing brackets we supply with all of our floating shelves are the most versatile and heavy-duty fixings available. These simple-to-fit brackets will hold up to 35kgs between 2 brackets (including the weight of shelf). Shelves over 1200mm in length are supplied with 3 brackets, and over 2100mm with 4 brackets.

Tools you will need

  • Spirit level

  • Drill
    (with 10mm drill bit)

  • Spanner
    (10mm or adjustable)

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Small quantity of silicone sealant

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