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Oak Floating Shelves

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£1.00 inc. VAT


Our Floating Oak shelves are made-to-measure to your precise requirements. Professionally kiln-dried and hand-crafted from the finest lengths of Solid Hardwood timber, all of our shelves are built to last a lifetime. Our oak shelves are a chunky 44mm thick, sanded to a smooth 240 grit finish and coated with 3 layers of the best protective wood oils, waxes or wax stains. Our prices include all fixings, any bespoke work you require, a full finishing service and VAT. There are no hidden charges with the Floating Shelf Company.

All of our shelves are completely solid wood. We do not sell lightweight veneered shelves, softwood pine, MDF or rustic oak – just the finest quality, Premium-grade, solid hardwood timbers lovingly hand-crafted exclusively for you.

Floating Shelves are supplied square-cornered and edged as standard – but we offer a full range of bespoke edging and design options completely free of charge – please see our bespoke services page for full details or use the information buttons on the quote calculator.

Oak Floating shelves are available up to 2.2metres in length and up to 30cm wide (Shelves wider than 240mm will usually be made with two planks). If you require wider shelves, please visit the Oak Wall Shelves or Oak Alcove Shelves pages as you will need to support these shelves with traditional undermounted brackets or battens. Floating shelves are mounted using ‘invisible’ concealed brackets. We supply the shelves to you with professionally pre-drilled holes and the necessary amount of brackets for the size of shelf you purchase.

* Please note – Floating Shelf Brackets can only be mounted into a solid wall or timber stud behind plasterboard.

Please see our fitting instructions page for full details and our easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to mount your shelves. If you need your brackets positioning in a certain place (to hit timber studs, or avoid pipes/cables) just let us know and we will drill the holes into the shelf in position for you. Otherwise, our Wall Shelves with traditional under-mounted shelf brackets are perfect for mounting on plasterboard and dot and dab walls.

Our Floating shelves are supplied at a chunky 44mm thick as standard. However, we will happily plane the shelves to anything as thin as 32mm if you require – just ask. We don’t produce them any thinner than this as the shelves themselves would be weaker and be supported by smaller and weaker brackets – overall a false economy.

Free Bespoke Services

We offer a completely free bespoke design service so that you can design your shelves precisely to your tastes. We can style the corners and edging, and add cable-holes or cutouts to fit around fireplaces, walls or wooden beams – just let us know what you need by completing the Special Requirements box on ordering.


We can round the corners of your shelves. Radius corners can be applied from 20mm to 100mm in size. Alternatively, we can apply a straight cut to the corners. These clip cuts can be angled to your specification. Obviously we can apply the corner designs to either corner or both depending on your needs.


We also offer a range of edging profiles: A small ‘pencil’ rounded edge, a larger rounded edge, bullnose or chamfered. If you require edging please remember to let us know which of the three sides you would like it edged (front, left & right).

Shelving Corners available diagram

Cable Holes

If you desire, we can also position holes within the shelf to allow you to run cables through. Again, please let us know where you would like the holes positioned and the size you require. Some people just want to run the cable through, while others need to be able to fit the whole plug.

Cut Outs

You may require some form of cut-out to fit the shelf around a corner, fireplace, wooden beam or other feature. This is no problem for us, we are happy to help. This is all part of the free bespoke service we offer you.

Our shelves are cut to your requirements free

Bracket Postions

All Floating shelves are pre-drilled to accept the concealed mounting brackets. As standard, we centre these holes 100mm from either end of the shelf (for shelves over 1.2 metres we will add an additional hole/bracket in the centre of the shelf. However, if you would like us to reposition the holes to avoid water pipes, electric cables or other obstacles please let us know and we will position them perfectly for your needs.

When placing your order, please remember to include the details of your bespoke needs in the ‘requirements box’ before checkout, or your shelves will be supplied square-edged.

If you require any design outside of these usual bespoke services, or have any questions at all please email us your plan or call us.

Fitting Instructions

How to Fit Floating Shelves

Floating shelves should be mounted on to exterior walls or interior stone and breezeblock walls. They can only be mounted to partition walls if you can locate the timber studs or noggins behind the plasterboard. The supporting brackets must have something solid to screw into.
For partition walls, we can position the holes into the shelf accordingly for you – simply let us know where you need them. Please call us for any advice, but if you cannot locate the studs or noggins, we advise using our timber or chrome brackets as an alternative.Please see our Wall Shelves for these alternative fixings for plasterboard walls.

Brick or Stone wallBreezeblock WallStudded Partition Wall

The concealed fixing brackets we supply with all of our floating shelves are the most versatile and heavy-duty fixings available. These simple-to-fit brackets will hold up to 35kgs between 2 brackets (including the weight of shelf). Shelves over 1200mm in length are supplied with 3 brackets, and over 2100mm with 4 brackets.

Floating Shelves Fixing Brackets

Floating Shelves Installation tools

Tools you will need

  1. Spirit level
  2. Drill (with 10mm drill bit)
  3. Spanner (10mm or adjustable)
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Pencil
  6. Small quantity of Silicone Sealant

Step One – Safety (very important)

Use a wire/pipe power detector to ensure that there are no electrical cables or water pipes in the wall where you intend to position the shelf. You do not want to electrocute yourself or flood the house!

Step Two – Position

If you are fixing to an internal stud wall, locate the studs or noggins that you intend to drill into.

Step Three – Draw a level line

Use the spirit level and a pencil to draw a perfectly horizontal line along the area of the wall where you intend to mount the shelf. If your spirit level has a measure on it, draw the line to the full length of the shelf. If not, use a tape measure and redraw the line a couple of times, until it is the same length of the shelf.

Step Four – Mark holes for brackets

Usual method – Measure from the centre of the pre-drilled holes in your shelf to the nearest end of the shelf and transfer these measurements onto the line you have drawn on the wall.
Alternative method – Offer the shelf up to the wall (with the pre-drilled holes facing upwards) and mark the centre of the holes onto your drawn line.
Don’t fret if your positioning isn’t absolutely perfect but if you do spend the time trying to position your marks as accurately as possible it will make the rest of the procedure effortless.

Step Five – Drill into the wall (Make sure you have carried out step one!)

Use a 10mm wood drill bit for studded walls or 10mm masonry bit for stone, brick or breezeblock walls. Drill into the walls on the dead centre point of all your bracket markings. Drill holes 60mm deep into the wall to fully accommodate the rawl plug.

Step Six – Insert rawl plugs

Insert the supplied rawl plugs into the drilled holes. Ensure that the rawl plug are fully inserted and they all sit flush to the wall – tap with a hammer if necessary. If any of your rawl plugs are sticking out, they will prevent your shelf from sitting flush to the wall when mounted.

Step Seven – Insert concealed brackets

Screw the concealed brackets all the way to the wall using a 10mm, or adjustable spanner – but do not fully tighten them at this point.
If necessary, pliers can be used for this task but it is not recommended – a suitable spanner is a lot easier.
Please note that using the supplied washer will strengthen the overall support of the shelf but will also produce a small 1.5mm gap between the wall and the shelf. If you don’t intend to store heavy weights on the shelf you can dispense with the washer to the shelf fits completely snug to the wall.

Step Eight – Offer up the shelf to the brackets

The arrow on the back edge of the shelf points to the top side of the shelf, please ensure the shelf is fitted with this surface on the top. Slide the pre-drilled holed areas of the shelf onto the brackets. The holes are 14mm wide (2mm wider than the brackets) so the shelf should fit with ease. If not, slowly re-adjust the brackets using the spanner until the shelf slides on easily.

Step Nine – Level the shelf

You will have noticed that the main body of the bracket is positioned off-centre from the screw end. They are designed this way so that you can perfectly level the shelf. With the shelf positioned ¾ of the way onto the brackets, place the spirit level onto the shelf and adjust the brackets with the spanner to tighten them as full as possible to the wall and level the shelf.
If you have a long shelf (1200mm+) you will have three or four brackets which will require a little more time to adjust than smaller shelves using two. Remain patient and be prepared to adjust each bracket several times to ensure a perfectly level shelf.

Step Ten – Fix the shelf.

Now the brackets are tightened and level, slide the shelf off the brackets, insert a small amount of silicone sealant into the pre-drilled holes and onto the end of the brackets. Slide the shelf back onto the brackets for the final time and push fully up to the wall. The sealant will dry and set after approx 2hrs. Using the sealant will completely fill the excess space in the drilled holes and prevent the shelf from tipping forward, or sliding off the brackets.

Designer Edging

Our latest range of Designer Shelves are created exclusively by The Floating Shelf Company. Designer shelves are available in any of the four traditional hardwoods with the option of adding a one or two stripe contrasting timber design to the front edge of the shelf. The finished effect is striking and makes a real contemporary design statement.

Designer shelf stripe edging exclusively available from the floating shelf co

Simply order the shelf of your choice and then add the designer edging option to your order using the dropdown menu provided. Adding one contrasting timber stripe is £10, irrespective on the length of the shelf. The two stripe option is only £15 per shelf.

The designer option is available for all Floating, Wall & Alcove shelves, and window sills, to the Front Edge only. Therefore the designer option is not available for corner shelves or shelves with radius or clipped corners, and cannot be applied to the sides of the shelves.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 772 0275 or email us

About Our Shelves

All our Shelves are produced from the highest quality Hardwoods. Our shelves are 100% solid hardwood – not laminated or veneered.

We can produce your shelves to virtually any design. If you need anything slightly different from what you see on this website, please contact us and we will try our hardest to accommodate you.

Your shelves are completely made from scratch exclusively for you in our workshop in Hertfordshire. Kiln-Dried planks are sawn, planed and sanded to a smooth 240grit finish.

We also offer a popular bespoke service completely free of charge. So if you would like straight cut or radius corners, a rounded or chamfered edging applied or need holes cutting to allow access for cables we can produce it for you. Simply call us or email your plan.

Finally, we will coat the shelves with 3 layers of the highest quality protective oil, wax or stain of your choice. If you wish to paint or varnish your shelves instead, please let us know and we will supply them to you unfinished.

All Floating shelves are pre-drilled to accept the concealed mounting brackets. As standard, we centre these holes 60-100mm from either end of the shelf (depending on the shelf size). However, if you would like us to reposition the holes to avoid water pipes, electric cables or other obstacles please let us know and we will position them perfectly for your needs,

Please be advised that our floating shelves are only suitable for mounting on exterior or stone interior walls. Or plasterboard stud walls – where the studs or noggins can be located and the fixing brackets are screwed directly into the wood. Again, we will happily position the holes so that you can mount your shelf to a stud wall.

Our Wall shelves with supporting wooden, or chrome, brackets are an ideal solution for shelves that will be mounted on a plasterboard or dot and dab wall.

Remember – we do not sell inferior ‘wood effect’ veneers, laminate, MDF or finger-jointed shelves. All of our products are the real deal – pure solid hardwood, made to perfection.

21 reviews for Oak Floating Shelves

  1. Dennis Kray

    This was the third company I tried and the only one to get my order 100% correct. It was a blessed relief after the previous cock-ups. Thanks for being the company that actually does what it promises, I’ll be back soon for more.

  2. Ian Atkinson

    Following a very helpful telephone discussion with Steve, I submitted a drawing for a bespoke solid oak shelf that was subsequently manufactured and drilled exactly as requested.
    The delivered product was better that I expected. The supplied fixings also were of a superior standard and perfectly strong enough to support the shelf. It has now been up for 5 months and apart from a coat of Danish Oil to protect it, it hasn’t moved.
    Not to be confused with inferior DIY store hollow shelves, If I need a quality solid wood floating shelf again, the Floating Shelf Company will be the company I use.

  3. Lora Nee

    I was delighted, not only by the quality of the solid oak shelf but also by the ease with which we fitted it. I would recommend The Floating Shelve Co.

  4. Dorothy Wilkinson

    We are very pleased with our shelf – good quality, sturdy, attractive and easy to install. Many thanks.

  5. Stephen Henshaw

    We are very happy with our shelves – we went for the oak floating shelves; they look fantastic – solid and well made. They add the finishing touch to our kitchen which we’ve had re-modeled.
    I would also like to mention the service which I rate highly; the shelves arrived on time and were well protected. I also had a couple of calls to confirm the order and finish which was a nice touch as I had made a mistake when I ordered them online. Overall very happy and would gladly recommend.

  6. John Roberts

    I ordered a 1m length of oak floating shelf with a rounded corner and as soon as it was delivered I could see that it was made from a top quality piece of wood, with a beautiful natural grain and feel. It was also expertly crafted and the two pre-drilled holes in the back and the online step-by-step instructions allowed for really straightforward installation. It effortlessly supports a number of fairly large and heavy books that now make use of it. It is such a neat and stylish addition to my study and I would thoroughly recommend both the product and the company.

  7. Sarah Coakley

    Love, love, love my shelves – excellent quality, great service and have had loads of complements. Would definitely use Floating Shelf Company again – Sarah, West Sussex

  8. Mark Thorpe

    The shelf I purchased far exceeded my expectations; it is beautifully crafted and really does look the part. It is a heavy piece of kit – which reinforces the fact that this is real oak and bears no resemblance to what is offered up in our DIY stores. Fortunately the brackets are of the same quality too and hold the weight of my shelf (and the books on it) no problem. I would happily recommend to anyone looking for a feature shelf in their home!

  9. John Turnbull

    I saw similar shelves in a designer show house in Norfolk. I took a few pics and then looked on the Internet. I was lucky to find

    The quality oak shelves arrived in perfect condition. They were beautifully finished and just the right colour. The concealed fixings were straightforward to put up and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The shelves look really modern and classy. I was extremely pleased with the service. I have nothing but praise for the product and the company. First class!

  10. Russell Kerr

    When I ordered my two oak floating shelves, I expected them to be high quality. When they arrived, my expectations were exceeded! They are fantastic quality and beautify finished with Danish oil.

    Unfortunately one of them was slightly damaged in transit. These things happen. When I contacted the Floating Shelf Company they quickly arranged for me to return it and I had a replacement within a matter of a few days. Hassle free.

    Quality product with excellent customer service.

  11. Neil Lawes

    Just the job as most other suppliers would not do the shelves as narrow as I required for my collection. Easy to fit and look great.

  12. Susan Andrews

    I am really pleased that i decided to order my oak shelf from you. The quality and workmanship is excellent, and really good value for money.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Floating Shelf company to my friends.

  13. Carol Carr

    I found your website quick and easy to navigate and it answered all my queries. You kept me informed with delivery details and I am thrilled with the quality of my shelves.

  14. Norman Mainey

    We are delighted with the quality of the product and the excellent finish. The whole process of ordering and delivery was hassle free and the fitting straightforward. We would certainly recommend your company to others.

  15. Sue Moore

    Fabulous shelves, beautifully finished, solid and measured exactly as I asked.
    Thank you!

  16. Stephen Flemming

    The shelves are perfect for the space. Installation was no problem and we are really pleased. Planning to order more now for the hallway!

  17. Paula Barnicoat

    Wow! Absolutely stunning quality shelves and beautifully finished. I highly recommend. Thank you so much.

  18. Sheila Waldren

    I just want to say a huge thank you to all of your team, the shelves are even more beautiful than I imagined. Fantastic quality, simple to install and just perfect in every way.

  19. Neil Carnall

    Floating and corner oak shelves ordered and delivered within 4 days exactly as requested the finish and quality both look fantastic. Would definitely use this company again.

  20. Andy Bimpson

    Let’s face it, sometimes in life things go wrong as proven when my shelf arrived with incorrect customisation.

    In my opinion this is when you really get to know about a supplier. Floating Shelves (I was dealing with Nicky) immediately took ownership of the problem and not once did they try to coerce me into “making do”. It was clear, their only concern that I was happy with my order. Without hesitation, Nicky arranged fo a replacement shelf to be made (to spec) and it was delivered just 3 working days later.

    Now that’s what I call great customer service! Oh, and the shelf is fantastic quality too.

    In spite of the problem with the order, I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again.

  21. Linda Banks

    Hello to everybody at the floating shelf company. I just want to thank you all for producing my beautiful new dining room shelves. Your product is absolutely perfect & your service has been impeccable. I really appreciate your hard work & have already been recommending your company to everyone that has seen the finished product.

    Yours sincerely

    Linda banks

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